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BLACKDOG - Pork Twist 4 Pack

BLACKDOG - Pork Twist 4 Pack


Blackdog make naturally good treats for the good dog in your life. From biscuits to chews and even occupier bones, Blackdogs range is full of flavour and nutritional value.

Great for keeping small to medium dogs amused, these pork twists are made from the rind (de-fattened) skin of pigs, making them a long-lasting chew that will also serve to keep your dogs teeth healthier.

  • Tightly wound, long-lasting treats
  • For small and medium dogs
  • Chewing action on these treats promotes good dental health in dogs

WARNING: Treats made of rawhide curled or twisted up on itself can become soft, leathery and uncoiled into a very long strap-like structure when chewed on, which can present a potential choking hazard. Always supervise your dog if giving these treats.

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