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BlackHawk - Grain Free Canine 2.5kg & 7kg variety

BlackHawk - Grain Free Canine 2.5kg & 7kg variety


A healthy and nutritious, holistic alternative for your dog . Blackhawk's Grain Free product could be just what you are looking for, especially if your dog suffers from allergies or is a fussy eater.
Dogs need meat protein plus other essential ingredients to enrich their diet. Black Hawk Grain Free dry food is a protein rich diet, made specifically to cater for dogs who function better with a diet lower in cereal and grains. 


Made without wheat, corn, oats, and rice, these grain-free formulas are ideal for pets with sensitive dietary needs. A higher protein content means that your pet can reap the benefits of a diet closer to that of their primitive, wild ancestors; just as nature intended.

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