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Vitazyme Gut Health Plus

Vitazyme Gut Health Plus


Gut Health Plus

Support gut health & maximise feed digestion

Buffer, Protect, Feed, Defend


Buffer low pH gastric acids

Protect the gut wall

Feed the gut and its bacteria to maintain normal function

Defend the gut and support natural immune function


Highly palatable daily supplement suitable for use in all horses


Support gut health & maximise feed digestion

Gut health is crucial for the overall health of your horse. A healthy gut:

- supports efficient feed digestion to help horses maintain or gain weight

- protects a horse from disease causing bacteria, antigens and toxins; and

- nurtures ‘good’ bacteria, allowing them to digest fibre, produce vitamins and assist with immune function.


Buffer, Protect, Feed, Defend

Gut Health Plus supports normal gut health in 4 ways:

Buffer – Modern feeding practices result in reduced natural buffering of a horse’s stomach. The resulting low pH environment increases the risk of gastric ulcers.

Gut Health Plus combines the buffering power of calcium carbonate (limestone), calcareous marine algae and magnesium hydroxide to keep fluids in the stomach at a more natural pH to help maintain a healthy stomach.

Protect – A healthy stomach is able to protect itself from the gastric acid it produces. But with modern management and nutrient imbalances this ability can be compromised.

Gut Health Plus harnesses the uniquely sticky nature of a seaweed extract from Laminarea hyperborea and the amino acid threonine to build on a horse’s natural protection mechanisms to assist in maintaining a healthy stomach.

Feed – A healthy gut relies on good bacteria and robust intestinal cells. These cells are some of the fastest growing cells in the body. To stay healthy, they need the right nutrients.

Gut Health plus combines a froctooligosaccharide prebiotic with the amino acid glutamine to support normal gut health and function.

Defend – A healthy population of gut bacteria with the right balance of ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ microflora is essential when considering the overall health of a horse.

Gut Health Plus uses the powerful binding power of mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) to support a horse’s natural immune function and maintain a healthy intestinal microflora.


Gut Health Plus is Suitable for:

•             Broodmares and stallions

•             Foals, weanlings, yearlings and 2 YOs

•             Horses in work or sales preparation

•             Spelling and rehabilitation horses

•             Aged horses



Lucerne Leaf Meal, Full Fat Soybean, Calcium carbonate (10%), Calcareous Marine Algae (10%), Magnesium Hydroxide (10%), Sodium Alginate Seaweed Extract from Laminarea hyperborea (10%), Fructooligosaccharide (FOS; 10%),Threonine, Glutamine, Mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS; 4%).


Feeding Rates & Directions

Feed Gut Health Plus at the following rates: 100 grams per day (50g in Morning Feed and 50g in Evening Feed)

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