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Harmony Sunflower Seeds 1.5Kg

Harmony Sunflower Seeds 1.5Kg


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Harmony Sunflower Seeds

Bring nature (and nurture) into your life with Harmony bird feed - made in Australia from carefully selected ingredients to suit the diet of wild Australian birds. What better way to encourage beautiful Australian wild birds into your yard than with a nutritious, delicious mix of goodies they will love?

Harmony Sunflower Seeds provide a delicious treat for hungry wild birds. Australian birds absolutely LOVE sunflower seeds and thoroughly enjoy d-shelling them to devour the tasty kernels inside. High in delicious fats, sunflower seeds are known as chocolate bars for birds - the ultimate tasty treat! Yours will be the favourite backyard in the neighbourhood with these morsels on display!

  • Made in Australia
  • Premium Grey Striped Sunflower Seeds (however due to seasonal variations, may include Black Sunflower Seeds)
  • Helps to attract beautiful Australian wild birds into your yard
  • A suitable supplement to the natural diet of wild birds

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