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Hills Science Diet Adult Youthful Vitality 7+ Chicken 1.58kg

Hills Science Diet Adult Youthful Vitality 7+ Chicken 1.58kg


Hills Science Diet Youthful Vitality Mature Small Toy Breed Dog Food

Hill?s Science Diet Youthful Vitality is a new formula for senior small and toy breed dogs. This top quality premium diet provides precisely balanced nutrition to support your senior dogs health and wellbeing. Using cutting edge food science, Hills has constructed their nutrition to protect against the signs of aging.

This high quality dry formula is designed to provide complete nutrition in support of vitality and brain function, energy and interacting, and a healthy and shiny coat. Antioxidants help to support the faltering brain function of elderly pets, and Vitamin C and E help to support a healthy immune system. Senior dogs often suffer from a dull, shedding coat; so omega 3 and 6 fatty acids have been added to combat this and promote a shinier, more luxurious coat.

Key Features:

  • Precisely balanced nutrition to fight signs of aging
  • Brain function support through powerful antioxidants
  • Protein, phytonutrients, and L-carnitine for energy and vitality
  • Vitamin C and E for healthy immune system
  • High quality easy-digestible ingredients
  • Omega 3 and 6 for a shinier, luxurious coat
  • Suitable for senior small and toy breed dogs from 7 years of age


These are broad guidelines only, designed to assist with feeding your pet based on their weight, age and activity level. Always check the feeding charts on your pets food packaging in conjunction with these feeding guidelines. Required amounts may differ between individual pets, and adjustments may be required to maintain optimal body weight. 

Please note: Once or twice daily feeding is recommended for adult dogs, unless otherwise specified by your veterinarian. Ensure fresh water is available at all times.

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