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In-fibre - Psyllium Husk

In-fibre - Psyllium Husk


In-fibre psyllium husks are a natural source of fibre for horses, dogs & cats.

in-fibre is a human food grade psyllium husk. 

in-fibre may assist with:

  • Sand removal in horses
  • Anal gland excretion in dogs by bulking up stools
  • Help relieve symptoms of constipation and mild diarrhoea

Feeding Instructions:

Horses (500kg)
500g p/day for 7 days each month
Dogs & Cats
1/2 a teaspoon per 5kg of body weight


Horses: Mix in or sprinkle on top of feed for 7 days per month

Dogs & Cats: Mix in or sprinkle on top of meal. Can be fed daily as maintenance or for 7 days per month if required.

Ensure access to fresh clean water.

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