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Jenquine All 4 feet 10kg

Jenquine All 4 feet 10kg




all-4-feet® has been developed by veterinarians & nutritionists to help protect growth, performance, health & soundness through improved nutrition. It is a concentrated feed for all horses & ponies & their FEET. It is especially suitable for those with or at risk of inflammatory conditions & whenever a low starch/sugar/NSC diet is indicated. all-4-feet® removes the need to feed multiple supplements (except on veterinary advice), & can replace manufactured feeds or be added to any roughage/grain-based diet.

It is a fundamental principle of nature that every horse & pony requires the same basic nutrients. The total amount required varies with age, breed, body weight, clinical conditions, exercise intensity, growth & reproductive status – but the essential nutrients are the same. Horses in work require the same nutrients as spelling or growing horses, broodmares, convalescing or aged horses & ponies - but in larger amounts. It is also a fundamental principle that the more a horse eats, the more nutrients they take in. Pregnant mares & growing, hard-working horses simply need to be fed more of the same nutrients to ensure that their increased requirements are met.

All-4-feet has been formulated for all horses, ponies & their feet, It can also:

• be used as a feed replacer
• remove the need to use multiple supplements
• be added to existing commercial feed diets when recommended daily intakes are not being met
• be added to existing diet when horses have increased needs
• be added to any roughage, grain-based or pasture diets
• used for & is especially suitable for horses with veterinary clinical conditions

Correct nutrition is important for the management & prevention of a range of veterinary clinical conditions including Cushings (PPID), equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), insulin-resistance (IR), laminitis, obesity, developmental orthopaedic disease (DOD), PSSM, RER & tying-up. It has a correspondingly vital role as an adjunct to optimise clinical outcomes for many veterinary medical & surgical treatments.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS (per kg):  Energy (DE) 10MJ, NSC 9.5%, Starch 2.1%, Sugar 3%, Crude Protein 25%, Fibre 8%, Salt 1.5%, Oil 12%, Omega 3 Oil 7%, Calcium 25g, Phosphorus 10g, Magnesium 27g, Copper 630mg, Zinc 1957mg, Selenium 5mg, Iodine 6.85mg, Magnanese 1740mg, Biotin 80mg, Lysine 30g, Methionine 25g, Vitamin A 26 KIU, Vitamin D 12KIU, Vitamin E 4000mg

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