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Kelato NutriFLEX

Kelato NutriFLEX


NutriFLEX is a palatable oral joint health supplement which has been designed to give your horse the best chance of having healthy and strong bones, tendons and cartilage that can withstand the rigors that work and competition places on them.

How does it work?

By combining the proven cartilage regenerative ability of Glucosamine HCL with a carefully selected combination of complimentary nutrients, NutriFLEX aims to support the strongest and healthiest possible bones, tendons and joints.

NutriFLEX features the protection of manganese, zinc, and copper with the cartilage regeneration abilities of L-Proline, DL-Methionine and Vitamin C and the bone strengthening benefits of Boron all in a deliciously flavoured and easy to feed lucerne meal.

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