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Kelato PulmonAID

Kelato PulmonAID


PulmonAID is a feed supplement containing a special formulation of various natural compounds including specific levels of Lecithin, Chlorophyll, Roughage products, Vitamin A, other vitamins, Calcium (etc.)

The complex source of Chlorophyll, Vitamin A, Lecithin, Calcium and other ingredients are readily absorbed by the body and have been shown to help improve the bloods clotting ability without reducing blood volume through diuresis. This drug free dietary supplement is designed to provide a safe, effective and economical alternative to some of the many extremely "harsh" products on the market today.

The horse must first be spelled (10-14 weeks) and as soon as the horse returns from its spell commence feeding PulmonAID daily for 5 weeks before the horse is subjected to any strenuous exercise.

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