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Kohnke's Own BCS

Kohnke's Own BCS

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Provides a source of supplementary nutrients including a wide range of organic trace-minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are necessary to maintain optimum strength, flexibility and resilience of collagen tissue in the lungs, tendon and ligaments subject to overstretching and fatigue in racing and performance horses. 

BCS contains a blend of nutrients , including organ trace minerals, organic silicon, and natural bioflavonoid compounds, which have a role in maintaining the health, resilience and elasticity of collagen fibers in the lung airways, blood vessels, tendons and joint surfaces.

BCS also has a role in the nutritional support of collagen fibers which provide the functional; elasticity of the lug air sacs. blood vessels and interstitial tissue within the lungs as a co-factor supplementing cases of EIPH (Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage) or Lung bleeding in race horses.

Active Ingredients

Acitve per kg
Vitamin A ( As Retinol)     850,000IU   
Vitamin E (as dl-α-RRR tocopheryl acetate)   76,000IU
Organic Zinc (as proteinate) 7350mg
Organic Manganese (as proteinate) 3000mg
Organic Copper (as proteinate) 2000mg
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) 1120mg

 *Also contains synergistic co-factors for collagen repair and maintenance

Although BCS does contain Glucosamine, it is not in the right concentration required for optimal joint health and function.  A separate joint supplement needs to be used for this purpose

Dosage ( based on a 500kg horse)

Pre-Fast Work - 1 scoop (25g) morning and evening for 30 days prior to commencement of fast work

Maintenance dose - 1 scoop (25g) daily whilst in training

Pre-Race - 1 scoop (25g) morning and evening for the last 4 days prior to racing, the day of racing and 4 days after racing

BCS is also useful for rehabilitating tendon and ligament damage.  For horses returning from injury, give one scoop daily for 2 months prior to returning the training.

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