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Kohnke's Own Muscle XL

Kohnke's Own Muscle XL

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Muscle XL is an Amino Acid Supplement, with Vitamin E, for Horses

Muscle XL contains all natural and organic ingredients to supplement diets low in specific amino acids, Vitamin E and Zinc for muscle development – not fat!

Muscle XL contains nutrients to correct low feed levels of.

  • Protein - High Protein Whey Isolates to provide high levels of natural branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s), with glutamine, lysine and threonine specific for optimum muscle function.
  • Vitamin E -  Vitamin E at 500IU/60g helps correct low dietay intakes to assist muscle growth.
  • Sulphur - Organic Sulfur (MSM) at 500mg/60g provides bioavailable sulfur to assist the synthesis of important sulfur-containing amino acids in muscle tissue.
  • Zinc -  Organic Zinc at 210mg/60g is essential for incorporation of amino acids to facilitate muscle development.

Dosage and Administration:

15 for each 100 KG body weight daily.

Mix measured supplement into a small amount of feed, within 15-20 minutes after daily exercise or competition while the muscles are still warm and recovering. Ideally, Muscle XL should be given after exercise for 10 consecutive days, then every second day for 4-5 doses. 

Follow-up supplementary doses can be given for 5 days every 2-3 weeks, or as required to maintain muscle mass, or for 2 days prior to and after strnuous exercise.

Where horses, such as aged horses or those recovering from injury or illness, would benefit from supplementary high quality protien, Muscle XL can be given daily in the eveny feed.

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