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Kompeet 10kg Bucket

Kompeet 10kg Bucket


Kompeet consists of a carefully chosen mix of plant oils, with the specific use as a feed supplement for horses in mind.

This blend of unique plant oils has been through a very complicated process to make them water dissolvable, and thereby making it possible for the horse to digest the product immediately and transport the energy directly into the muscular systems, reducing the buildup of lactic acid. The horse will feel significantly more willing to perform, and stamina levels will be increased.

KOMPEET How It Works

Fatty acids contain 2.25 times more energy than both carbohydrates and protein, which makes fatty acids the safest choice when wanting to increase the energy density of the horse’s diet in comparison to high starch concentrates which could negatively affect the pH level in the horse’s hindgut when fed in excessive volumes – resulting in common conditions like colic or founder.

Increasing fatty acids in the diet, allows the reduction of grain intake, because fatty acids are able to meet the same energy requirements. Fatty acids gives the same performance results; weight gain, maintaining weight, and increase in energy/stamina, but with less risk. This is because high fatty acid diets yield less internal body heat in comparison to high carbohydrate or protein diets while enabling horses in high-performance situations (i.e. while pregnant, lactating, working at moderate to high levels) to more efficiently meet their energy requirements.

Horses fed Equine Kompeet™ are able to get the same or better benefits that grain and high energy feeds (increase in weight, performance level, stamina, overall health) without the risks associated with feeding larger volumes. Energy is more accessible to the horse’s metabolism in water-emulsifying form, making it possible for the horse to digest the product immediately and transport the energy directly to the muscle.

Because of Equine Kompeet™, greater stamina can be achieved while also reducing the amount of lactic acid build up as well as many other positive physical results. The fatty acids improve overall health including coat shine and weight gain. By replacing the horse’s diet with fats over grain, the horse’s behavior stabilizes because it is no longer receiving “hot” feeds that can affect a horse’s energy level and behavior in an erratic, negative way.


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