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Livestock Markers

Livestock Markers


Ideal/Neogen Livestock Markers, Sold by Vet-Tec, are used mainly for short-term markings on horse, cattle, sheep and pigs.


For a good, visible mark, apply to the upper back of the animal. Markings will last about 4 weeks on cattle and sheep and 1 to 2 weeks on pigs. The twist-up plastic holder and cap keep your hands and clothes clean and allow you to use the entire marker. The non-toxic sticks contain special waxes, paraffin oil and high-quality dyes.

Additional Details:

  • Reliable in all temperatures
  • Colours are durable and stable
  • Strong in colour with high luminosity
  • Crayons based on special waxes and paraffin oil.

Livestock Markers are highly visible, fade resistant and long-lasting, standing up to all types of weather. They will mark wet or dry animals and come in a sturdy push-up style dispenser.

Animal marking sticks are used for short-term marking, primarily of cattle, sheep and pigs. The marking remains visible on the upper back of cattle and sheep for approx. four weeks, on pigs one to two weeks.

Please note that markings on sheep are impossible or difficult to wash out. They should therefore be applied in a more suitable place, e.g. head or legs.

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