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Ranvet Fungazol Cream 100g

Ranvet Fungazol Cream 100g



◊ Broad spectrum anti-fungal activity against a wide range of yeasts and fungi including Candidia albicans, C.guilliermondi, Torulopsis spp. And the dermatophytes; Trichophyton rubrum, T.mentagrophytes, Epidermophyton, Malassezia.
◊ Topical anti-fungal agent with rapid action onset.
◊ Treats yeast and mould associated ailments.
◊ Able to be used for short acting and persistent skin diseases and mixed skin infections, both bacterial and fungal.


◊ Treats a wide variety of fungal ailments including ring worm (most commonly caused by Microsporum gypseum), girth itch (commonly caused by Trichophyton equinum) and rain scald (commonly caused by Dermatophilus congolensis).
◊ Treats a wide variety of independent ailments such as dermatitis, saddle rash, greasy heel and mycotic skin infections in horses, dogs and cats.

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