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Royal Canin Maxi Joint Care Dog

Royal Canin Maxi Joint Care Dog


Joint care for dogs 

Safeguard your dog’s bones and joints with high-quality nutrients that help keep it supple and active.

97% of owners satisfied in just 28 days

Research shows that, in just 28 days, 97% of owners are satisfied with the results of our Joint Care product. Its formula has been tested and scientifically proven at the Royal Canin kennels in France.

The nutrition behind joint care

This smart formula provides advanced nutrients that help to maintain healthy joints for your dog. Collagen, the building block of joints, is just one of the active nutrients that supports cartilage, reinforcing its structure and metabolism. We’ve also added a powerful cellular antioxidant. And we’ve adapted the formula to help prevent your dog becoming overweight, which can strain their joints.

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