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Simparica- Chews for Dogs

Simparica- Chews for Dogs


Simparica – protection that’s fast and lasts

Why protect against fleas, ticks, mange and mites?

Fleas are certainly small, measuring between 1-5mm in length, but they can quickly turn into a much bigger problem for dogs and their owners. If left untreated fleas can rapidly multiply and, in addition to causing discomfort, can lead to further complications such as dermatitis, flea tapeworm and secondary skin infections.

Simparica kills fleas fast and before they lay eggs - protecting dogs, pet owners and their homes from flea infestations.

Flea Protection that's fast and lasts

Simparica gets to work fast

It starts killing fleas within 3 hours, with a complete kill in 8 hours after treatment. Simparica gives fast relief from itching and scratching, even in dogs with flea allergic dermatitis (FAD).

Proven protection that lasts

Simparica's lasting protection protects your dog from fleas for a full 5 weeks. Any newly arrived fleas are quickly eliminated for 35 days, unlike some other products.

Cleans up flea infestations in the home

It only takes a single pregnant flea to start an infestation.
Simparica continues to wipe out newly arrived fleas killing them so fast they don’t get a chance to lay eggs, breaking the flea life cycle and keeping your home free from reinfestation.

Paralysis ticks kill dogs. Simparica kills paralysis ticks – fast.

If undetected or misdiagnosed, paralysis ticks can be fatal for dogs and emotionally and financially draining for pet owners. Once latched on, paralysis ticks start to inject toxin into the bloodstream. The amount of toxin increases substantially after a few days which means that if they remain undetected, dogs can become paralysed and without treatment this condition can be fatal.

Early detection and treatment is important although the best way to protect against paralysis ticks is to use a fast acting, broad spectrum, preventative like Simparica. Simparica works fast, killing 4 x more paralysis ticks than NexGard®, 8 hours after treatment. *

In addition to treating and controlling paralysis tick, Simparica treats and controls the brown dog tick and the bush tick. Simparica also treats 3 common mites (ear mites, demodex mites and sarcoptic mange)as well as prevents adult flea infestations.

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