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Vetafarm Vitasol Drops 50ml

Vetafarm Vitasol Drops 50ml


When small animals are fed an unbalanced diet, they may require additional
supplementation in order for all their vitamin and mineral requirements to be met. Chaff
mixes and diets consisting of just hay and vegetables may not be fully balanced as the
amount of nutrients cannot be guaranteed.
Vitamin deficiencies can cause serious health problems in small animals, such as poor skin and coat, poor digestive health, poor reproductive health and weight loss.
Vitasol Drops are a highly concentrated source of vitamins, formulated to supply small
animals with essential vitamins. Designed for simple to administration by adding to either food or water.
This product is not necessary if animals are fed on a Vetafarm complete diet.Liquid multivitamin supplement for addition to food or water.

Recommended for: All small animals were the diet is deficient in essential vitamins (not necessary if animals fed on a Vetafarm complete diet).
Key features: Contains essential vitamins in an easy to use liquid.
Concentrated value for money. Can be supplied in food or drinking water.

Water: Add 10 drops of Vitasol Drops to 250ml of drinking water and mix well.
Change water daily.
Food: Add 4 drops of Vitasol Drops per 100g of food daily.

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