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Vetafarm Water Cleanser 100ml

Vetafarm Water Cleanser 100ml


Vetafarm Aviclens Water Cleanser Liquid With Chlorhexidine Gluconate For Birds Is An Easy Way To Help Maintain Good Health
  • Aviclens is designed to protect your bird's drinking water from microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, and viruses
  • Helps prevent the formation of green slime, maintaining freshness and safety in your bird's water bowls
  • Effectively inhibits harmful elements such as protozoa, bacteria, and viruses that can transmit illnesses via drinking water
  • Significantly reduces the frequency and duration of cleaning times for water containers
  • Promotes crop and digestive health in birds by effectively reducing water-borne organisms in drinking water
  • Ensures a healthier and safer drinking environment for your bird, leading to overall better health

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