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Virbac Feramo.H with Chromium

Virbac Feramo.H with Chromium



Feramo. H with Chromium

Containing  9 vitamins, 8 minerals and 5 amino acids Feramo with Chromium is a supplement, scientifically formulated using the correct balance of nutrients ensuring your performance horse has the building blocks necessary to achieve optimum health, vitality and muscle development.


Feramo with Chromium comes in a 2.5kg Tin providing on average 45 daily doses for and average horse.

Feramo with Chromium is benifical for

*   Yearlings during sale preparation

*   Horses in the early stages of training

*   High Performance athletes - Including racing, eventing showjumping and dressage horses

*   Horses that have difficulty holding condition during training or racing.

Benefits of Feramo with Chromium:

Organic Chromium is absorbed more efficiently than inorganic chromium, and boosts the activity of insulin, optimises the glucose uptake and energy supplies.  Organic Chromium is a safe way to improve muscle protein formation and stimulate the immune system.


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