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Virbac - Humidimix -Electrolyte Replacer for Horses

Virbac - Humidimix -Electrolyte Replacer for Horses


Extensive studies by Vetsearch combined with University trials have proven conclusively that one electrolyte mixture is not suitable for all horses in all exercise situations.

Humidimix is indicated for use in any horse that sweats a lot (such as eventers, endurance horses and pacers) and those horses required to work in hot or humid conditions.

Humidimix has been specifically formulated for heavy sweaters. It does not contain “fillers” such as sugar, lactose or table salt and encourages drinking to prevent dehydration. Humidimix is an Acid electrolyte mix to buffer ‘alkalosis” caused by heavy sweating and is very economical on a dose for dose basis.

 Each 45 g serve contains:  
   Sodium    5.3g  
   Sulphate    1.6g  
   Chloride    19.7g  
   Ammonium 1.5g
   Potassium 9.7g
   Carbonate 2.4g
   Magnesium 414mg
   Calcium 1.8g

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