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Virbac -Neutradex - Buffer for muscle recovery

Virbac -Neutradex - Buffer for muscle recovery




NEUTRADEX is an original, palatable muscle recovery supplement, mild diuretic and urinary buffer for horses. It contains sodium acid citrate to:

  • Help horses prone to ‘tying up’ and assist with reducing muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Help delay the onset of muscle fatigue to improve endurance
  • Encourage horses to drink, helping to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance to maintain kidney and bladder function in performance horses


  • High performance athletes in hard training
  • Horses with a history of ‘tying up’
  • Rehydration after exertion in conjunction with a balanced electrolyte
  • Helping to flush toxins and waste products after hard exercise and hence maintain kidney, bladder and urinary tract function
  • Young, nervous and heavily muscled horses in work


  • Scientifically balanced formulation for race recovery, tying up and hard exercise
  • Neutralises damaging acid build-up –  NEUTRADEX contains sodium acid citrate, a natural bicarbonate precursor to increase the body’s natural stores and actively helps neutralise lactic acid before it causes damage.
  • Improves hydration, appetite and overall recovery after hard exercise
  • Replaces essential sodium salts lost in sweat

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