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Virbac Recharge Horse

Virbac Recharge Horse


Recharge Horse Electrolyte Is An Effective Oral Rehydration Concentrate Solution For Dehydrated Horses
  • An aid in restoring fluid and electrolyte levels depleted by strenuous exercise and sweat loss during training, racing, competition and transport in all performance horses
  • Electrolytes are salts that play an important role in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance, kidney function and normal nerve and muscle activity in the body
  • Electrolytes are lost from the body through sweat and sometimes the amount of sweat is not apparent due to evaporation
  • Horses may lose up to 10-15L of fluid per hour of exercise and continue to sweat during the cooling down phase
  • Horses in training are unlikely to be able to replace their body salts from their feed alone, which may result in muscle weakness, fatigue, a decrease in the desire to drink and ultimately delay recovery
  • This solution assists in rapid electrolyte absorption, providing immediate fluid and body salt replacement and stimulates fluid intake and rehydration
  • The maintenance of the fluid and electrolyte balance is vital to maintain hydration, promote normal body function, provide efficient temperature regulation, heart and blood vessel stability and function
  • Contains a balance of glucose and amino acid Glycine to enhance absorption of fluid and electrolytes by promoting active uptake of fluid from the intestine
  • Formulated to provide rapid correction of the Se levels, in performance horses
  • Can be given by oral syringe over the back of the tongue, or diluted with water as a drink
  • When given over the tongue, or as a drink, this solution will help promote rapid rehydration during the “cooling down” and recovery period following exercise
  • When mixed in the horses drinking water, the solution is isotonic and therefore the perfect solution for replacing and replenishing electrolyte and fluid levels as it has the same salt concentrations as the blood and body fluids, which ensures rapid uptake of vital salts across the intestinal lining
  • Should be administered, or offered as a first drink, when the horse is thirsty following exercise, transport or heavy sweat loss
  • As a drink, this pleasant tasting apple flavour drink is accepted by most horses, but some may prefer a more diluted form initially
  • Provides 16 average doses


  • Fluid and electrolyte depletion due to strenuous exercise and sweat loss during training, racing, competition and transport in all performance horses

Recommended for

  • Horses prior to, during and after travel
  • Performance horses following sweat loss
  • Rehydration after illness or diarrhoea
  • ‘Tucked-up’ horses showing signs of dehydration
  • Poor drinkers

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