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Virbac - White E with Selenium - Anti-oxidant supplement

Virbac - White E with Selenium - Anti-oxidant supplement



WHITE-E WITH SELENIUM represents a major breakthrough in anti-oxidant technology by combining vitamin E and selenium to provide a double action effect to help:

  • Neutralise the potentially harmful effects of free radicals on the surface as well as within the cell
  • Reduce cell damage and muscular fatigue


  • Horses grazing pastures on selenium deficient soils
  • Horses prone to tying up
  • Breeding stallions and broodmares
  • Improving the immune function of high performance horses
  • Nervous disorders in horses
  • Preventing muscular disorder in foals


  • WHITE-E WITH SELENIUM is a palatable, stable, convenient and easy-to-administer source of supplementary vitamin E for all racing and performance horses.
  • The vitamin E and selenium in WHITE-E WITH SELENIUM work together synergistically, meaning they are more effective when fed together than when given separately.
  • Supports performance horses – Vitamin E and selenium are both antioxidants capable of protecting cells against dangerous free radicals produced during exercise and can support horses prone to tying up, muscle stiffness and fatigue for improved stamina.
  • Strengthens immune systems – Vitamin E supplementation can stimulate and strengthen the immune response in performance horses.
  • Suitable for breeding and pregnant horses – Vitamin E supplementation improves reproductive function in mares and stallions. When used during pregnancy, WHITE-E WITH SELENIUM may prevent white muscle disease of foals.

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