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Vitazyme Sand Clear Plus

Vitazyme Sand Clear Plus


Psyllium husk pellets your horse will love to eat

To assist with maintaining normal hindgut health in horses on sandy or drought-affected pastures, or horses on restricted forage diets, living in dry lots.

  • Effective Sand Removal – Psyllium fibre to shift sand and dirt from the gut
  • Tasty – Fussy eater approved
  • Convenient – Pellets to reduce mess. No water needed
  • High in Fibre – Supporting normal hindgut function

Why Amacron Sand Clear Plus

Effective Sand Removal – Horses on sandy pastures, or grazing in drought conditions, on overgrazed pastures or who are kept in a drylot can accumulate sand and dirt in their hindgut, putting them at risk of digestive upsets including diarrhoea and ‘sand colic’. Psyllium fibre provides fibrous bulk that is able to shift sand and dirt from the gut, helping to maintaining normal hindgut health and function.

Tasty – Psyllium fibre, in its natural form is inherently unpalatable. Amacron sand clear plus has been formulated to smell and taste good as well as have a good ‘feel’ in your horse’s mouth. The result, a tasty formulation most horses will happily eat.

Convenient – Natural psyllium fibre is messy. You can’t feed it dry. But if you wet it too much your horse won’t eat it! Sand Clear Plus, in its convenient pellet form cuts the mess and makes it super easy to feed.

High in Fibre – Horses on restricted fibre diets are at highest risk of digestive disturbance due to the accumulation of sand or dirt in their hindgut. The high fibre content of Sand Clear Plus increases the bulk of fibre in the gut and supports normal hindgut function.

Feeding Rates & Directions

All horses and ponies – 40 grams per 100 kg of bodyweight per day

                                              (200 g/day for a 500 kg horse)


  • Feed for 5 to 7 consecutive days every month in high risk situations
  • Feed in a single meal per day, must be added to the feed.
  • Do not wet Sand Clear Plus before feeding
  • Mix with dry lucerne chaff and/or your horses favourite feed to assist with consumption
  • Follow the feeding rates above to provide the correct amount based on bodyweight



Psyllium husk (85%), lucerne meal, bentonite, salt, cold pressed canola oil, apple flavour.

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