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Yea Sacc 1kg

Yea Sacc 1kg


Live yeast, specifically Yea Sacc, strain 1026 has been shown to: 

- Stabilise caecal and colon pH, helping to ensure a healthy gastrointestinal tract

- Support digestion of fibre, therefore providing more energy with less feed

- Enhance digestion of calcium and phosphorus, therefore supporting healthy bones

- Support normal digestive function during times of stress, worming & antibiotics 

It's also highly palatable and all natural.

"Live strains of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, are used in animal nutrition to enhance fibre digestion in both ruminants and non-ruminants. These strains have the ability to metabolise nutrients in an anaerobic environment and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, including those that can utilise lactic acid. One particular strain, 1026, is effective at stimulating fibre-digesting and lactic acid-utilising bacteria. This in turn, creates a more stable gut environment, reducing the risk of gut disturbances, such as acidosis leading to laminitis and potentially, insulin resistance. Studies have demonstrated improved fibre digestibility and increased caecal pH in horses on high starch diets receiving a live yeast culture, Yea-Sacc®, compared with unsupplemented horses. This higher pH stabilises the caecal environment, which is conducive to improved feed efficiency and prevention of gut disturbances. Increased fibre digestion was also noted by Jouany et al. 2008, irrespective of whether the diet was high in fibre or starch."



Between 10 and 30 grams per day

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