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Please Note: Both online and phone orders may experience delays due to the limited staffing available to handle the exceptionally high volume of sales across all sales channels. Equest Express Equine & Pet Supplies is making every effort to fulfill orders with the current staff resources. 

Equest Express Equine & Pet Supplies will promptly hand over orders to Australia Post and relies on their services and system to deliver orders as swiftly as possible. It's important to note that Australia Post experiences an increase in postage demand leading up to the Christmas season. We are dedicated to efficiently meeting the demand, but we recommend allowing ample time to restock your animal's feed and supplements. 

If you encounter any delays with your order, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Delays can occur for various reasons, including delays in the supply chain. At Equest Express Equine & Pet Supplies, we strive to provide professional and courteous service to our customers, and we kindly request the same in return.

Please be advised that any unnecessary behavior may result in being blacklisted from future sales at Equest Express Equine & Pet Supplies.