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Betacalm 2kg

KELATO Betacalm


Kelato has designed BetaCALM to effectively calm nervous and anxious horses.

This balanced supplement contains specific levels of Tryptophan, Magnesium, Vitamin E and Thiamine, to actively help eliminate distress. With Thiamine's important role in energy metabolism and Tryptophan's role in the transmission of nerve signals through the brain, deficiencies have been found to cause anxiety, mental confusion and failure of muscle co-ordination in animals. On top of this, Vitamin E and Magnesium have been found to settle nervous horses.

Essential amino acids like Tryptophan cannot be manufactured by your horse, they must be obtained through the diet. However, the problem here is that grains and hay in equine diets do not contain adequate levels of Tryptophan.

Fortunately, BetaCALM does. In fact, it's perfectly balanced in everything that's essential... to help your horse calm down, and help you relax.

Benefits of BetaCALM :

    * Effective - Readily calms nervous horses
    * Balanced - Optimum levels of all key ingredients
    * Performance - Helps to calm your horse without reducing performance
    * Safe - Pure vitamin, mineral and amino acid composition
    * Easy to use - just mix BetaCALM into the feed

To help manage nervous horses, try providing small meals and reducing grain. Also, decrease stable time and provide equine company.

But when there's cause for alarm, remember, you'll be better off with BetaCALM.

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