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Bioscape Insectivore Goldfish Flake Food

Bioscape Insectivore Goldfish Flake Food


Bioscape Goldfish Flake Food

Bioscape is an Australian aquatic brand concentrating on quality aquarium accessories with an emphasis on aquascaping. Every Bioscape Aquarium or Cloud tank is handcrafted with care and given to the consumer with a personalised signed card by the person who proudly built it. All tank care products are designed using premium materials to make fish and reptile care extra convenient, fun, and full of wonder.

In the wild, the natural fish diet consists of insects - so naturally a fish food containing insects in aquariums is ideal, and your fish will love it. In this food, all essential nutrients vital for goldfish health - through both plant and insect proteins. This helps with development, growth, colour and vigor. You will notice an improvement in colour, fins, scales and body. Plus, this food is all natural and Sustainably Sourced, to support your fish AND the environment.

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