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CEN Dog Electrolytes 500g

CEN Dog Electrolytes 500g


Electrolytes For DogsProper electrolytes levels for dogs are important for keeping their bodies healthy including; increasing circulation, regulating muscle, balancing pH and nerve function, and facilitating important body processes such as breathing. In addition, having adequate levels of electrolytes can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones or having organ failure. It has also been shown that maintaining good health in dogs can help prevent osteoarthritis, which is one of the most common diseases affecting canines.CEN Electrolytes for Dogs is sugar and filler free to provide quick re-hydration through a concentrated quality formula perfect to replenish electrolytes lost during exercise, travelling, hot weather and other stressful conditions.Made with high-quality food-grade ingredients, it is an excellent choice for all Aussie dogs. Our CEN Electrolytes for dogs is available to buy online for fast delivery throughout Australia – shop online now.Key FeaturesSuitable for Performance, Working and Breeding Dogs,May Assist Dehydrated Dogs Due to Illness or Heat StressMay Enhance Exercise Tolerance, Performance & EnduranceMay Assists with Proper Glucose MetabolismNo Sugar or FillersMay Assists with Normal Recovery Time After Strenuous ActivityFeed RateBodyweightFeed RateUnder 15kg2.5g dailyOver 15kg5g daily

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