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Coat Gold Canine 250g

Coat Gold Canine 250g


Coat gold is a Veterinary formulated nutritional supplement for skin and coat by doctor Andrew Watts.

  • Patent veterinary formulation with a unique blend of turmeric, coconut, amino acids, vitamins and minerals involved with supporting keratin production
  • Pharmaceutical grade ingredients Manufactured in an APVMA approved laboratory
  • Turmeric may provide therapeutic benefits for skin and coat health
  • Coconut has a role in maintaining healthy hair growth Hair is a protein filament, 95% of which is keratin, a fibrous double amino acid chain
  • Contains the essential amino acid building blocks for the production of keratin. Keratin double helix chains are bound with chemical disulphide bridges.
  •  Contains MSM which may donate sulphur to these bridges, strengthening and adding rigidity and resistance to the hair and coat
  • The sulphur in MSM can be assimilated into methionine and cysteine – both sulphur containing amino acids essential for keratin production Zinc is involved in maintaining the immune system and the integrity of hair.

Directions for use: 1 g scoop included. 1g = 1 level spoon (not heaped). Feed Rates

5 kg: 0.5g/day – over 16 months supply

10 kg: 1 g/day – over 8 months supply

10 – 30 kg: 2 g/day – over 4 months supply

31 kg or more: 3 g/day – over 2 months supply

As a supplement COAT GOLDTM is a convenient powder that binds well in a moistened feed, milk or yoghurt.

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