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CEN Complete Electrolyte

CEN Complete Electrolyte


Providing proper electrolyte supplementation is a more precise proposition than it used to be.  It still remains difficult to determine the absolute exact amount of electrolyte loss, or the rate of that loss in horses as they are all individuals.  One aspect that remains constant is the relationships between the electrolytes, or their proportions.  So, by providing the essential electrolytes in their proper proportions, you can help your horse maintain the proper electrolyte balance, which is the key to top performance!

CEN Complete Electrolyte allows for quick and efficient re-hydration by providing sodium, potassium, chloride, sulfate, magnesium, calcium and other trace minerals in a concentrated and economical product.  There’s no sugar added, nor are there any unnecessary fillers or flavours.  Why pay for sugars, fillers or flavours when they’re unnecessary or perhaps can even detrimental to your horse’s performance!

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