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CEN CF50 Vitamin & Mineral Pellet

CEN CF50 Vitamin & Mineral Pellet


Australia’s Only 6 In 1 Pellet Supplement! Includes Live Probiotics, Prebiotics & Omega 3!
CEN CF50 is specifically balanced 
and provides horses with a healthy palatable vitamin and mineral supplement, which reduces the wastage that can result from feeding powdered supplements.

  • Non-Grain Based Cold Pressed Pellet Feed
  • NO Soy, No Molasses or No Added Iron.
  • Quality high level chelated vitamin and mineral profile (limiting the need for further supplementation – just add roughage and salt)
  • Live Probiotic + Prebiotic for optimum digestive health and immune system
  • Omega 3 DHA to help balance the Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio in the whole diet.
  • Safe for horses prone to ulcers, colic, tying-up, laminitis, or “heat fizz” from high grain diet. 
  • Suitable for overweight/ IR / Cushings horses.
  • Ideal for pleasure horses up to elite equine athletes


CEN CF50 provides your horse with the daily nutrient support required for optimal health and performance!

The unique formulation helps:

  1. Digestive Health: The fibre based pellet maintains a healthy gut microbiome and the live probiotics and prebiotics promote the growth of beneficial good bacteria.
    The live probiotics stabilise the pH and reduce lactic acid in the hindgut. The results is a stimulated activity and growth of beneficial good bacteria for more efficient feed conversion. Improvements in appetite, behaviour and manure quality are all associated with a healthy gut environment.
  2. Immune System Health: Key chelated minerals required for a proper functioning immune system. Omega 3 also promotes immune function and anti-inflammatory properties.
    Prebiotics inhibit the harmful bacteria whilst stimulating the immune system function. The prebiotics block the attachment and development of harmful bacteria within the gut. This has a positive effect on the horse’s natural immune system, reducing risk of disease through a stronger immune response.
  3. Hoof Health: Specifically balanced vitamin and mineral profile including chelated zinc, methionine & biotin also by creating a healthier gut microbiome, biotin is produced naturally by the horse in the hind-gut and utilised to help maintain hoof health.
  4. Skin And Coat Condition: Zinc is more important for dark colours, while copper is more important for chestnuts. It is crucial that zinc and copper are at correct ratios in the diet, regardless of the colour of the horse.
    Australian pasture, hay and feed crops are commonly low in zinc and copper while being naturally high in iron. (CF50 has no added iron)
    This has a great impact on a horse’s dietary intake as all three compete for absorption. Too much of one means less of the others are absorbed. CF50 contains Chelated Zinc and Chelated Copper which are more readily absorbed by horses.
  5. Bone And Muscle Health: Calcium and phosphorus are the main minerals found in bone. The ratio should be up to 3:1 Ca:P for the overall diet.
    Magnesium is required for the collagen matrix and bone mineralisation.
    Zinc, Copper and Boron for bone development. Zinc in particular for bone and cartilage formation.
    The key vitamins are: Vitamin D for bone mineralisation and calcium and phosphorus absorption.
    Vitamin A for osteoclast function, bone resorbing cells in bone remodelling.
    Vitamin C in collagen synthesis and repair. Vitamin K in bone and cartilage metabolism.
  • Ideal for pleasure horses up to elite equine athletes
  • A safe alternative energy source for horses requiring a low-carbohydrate pellet such as those prone to tying-up, laminitis or “heat fizz” from high grain diets

  • Safe for: Insulin resistant, laminitic, ulcer prone, colic prone or horses with metabolic conditions.


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