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Equine chia

Equine chia


Chia seed provides the highest plant source omega 3.

•Promotes a healthy, glossy coat
•Stronger, faster growing hooves
•Helps prevent laminitis and insulin disorders
•Boosts the immune system
•Good for respiratory system
•Calms hot nervous temperaments
•Eases mare cycles and estrus inflammation
•Maintains supple joints and healing in connective tissues
•Assists correct development of nervous system, brain, muscles and skeleton
•Repairs & maintains cellular walls
•Anti-inflammatory — can act like "Bute"
•Aids wound healing , helps prevent sand colic
•Supports a healthy heart and blood circulation
•Has anti-allergic properties
•Encourages a strong metabolism
•Chia has no strong flavor, easy to top dress
•Easy to store, keeps up to two years
•Economical — replaces several products in one simple grain
•Horses love it!

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