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Equine Health Hush 1.2kg

Equine Health Hush 1.2kg


Hush is a calming supplement high in Mangnesium, B Vitamins and the essential amino acid Tryptophan. Hush is used as a training and management aid for horses exhibiting excitable or irrational behaviour or during periods of mental stress. It is useful for breaking, training and transport of horses. Tryptophan is an amino acid necessary for normal growth in foals and for nitrogen balance in adult horses. It is an essential amino acid, which means the body cannot produce it and it must be obtained from diet. Tryptophan is low in dried pasture and grain. It is used by the body to help produce niacin and serotonin. Studies have shown that serotonin may increase sleepiness or sedation and decrease aggression, fearfulness, mania, insomnia and pain sensitivity. Tryptophan deficiency is thought to increase nervousness and excitability in some horses. Management considerations could also help calm the excitable horse. B-Complex Vitamins: Athletic animals should be given a range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in their diet to maintain optimal health. B-Group vitamins are intimately involved in energy metabolism - the conversion of food into fuel. They also stimulate the appetite and are involved in blood formation.

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