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Fussy Cat Pet Litter 20kg

Fussy Cat Pet Litter 20kg


Attapulgite pet litter is 100% Natural with no added chemicals, fragrances or clumping agents. Unlike other pet litters that are crystals, clumping clay, paper and corn/wheat based products, This product can be used for indoor pets such as cats, small dogs, birds and guinea pigs.

Attapulgite is a hydrated magnesium silicate formed as a complex clay mineral with unique layers and large invisible surface to absorb and lock in large amounts of liquids and odours. It was created over millions of years and found here in Australia. The deposit in Western Australia is the only commercial Attapulgite mine in Australia.

  • 100% Australian Owned and Made
  • Child, Kitten & Earth Friendly - no chemical additives, non-synthetic and non-clumping to avoid congestion and harm in case cat eating the litter
  • Natural Odour Control Properties
  • Superior Absorption Qualities
  • Odour Control - locks in unpleasant smell, leaving your indoor home fresh
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable & Eco friendly - used litter can be recycled by digging into soil at backyard; Fussy Cat Attapulgite take care of your cats and also Mother Nature.

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