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Hydrate Support 1kg

Hydrate Support 1kg


Hydrate Support is based on betaine, also known as trimethylglycine or TMG. Betaine is a modified amino acid that occurs naturally in plants such as linseeds, beets, cereals and in us. According to Dr Eleanor Kellon VMD, betaine can help horses that are difficult to hydrate and can support muscle bulk and function, as well as heat tolerance and endurance. It is one of the organic renal osmolytes, a nonmineral which helps maintain a water drawing effect in the kidney. When salt supplementation is not enough, Hydrate Support can help conserve water.

Feeding rate is 15 – 30 g/day for a 500 kg horse, mix with feed.
If feeding twice per day, split between both feeds.

Safe for laminitic prone or insulin resistant (IR)/elevated insulin horses.
Hydrate Support can be fed with any of the mineral mixes, Equine Amino, Mov-Ease, Mycosorb A+ and Diamond V XPC.

Hydrate Support is a nutritional supplement product for inclusion in horse’s feed. Product has no therapeutic effect and is designed to be administered in a feed for voluntary ingestion for horses.
Animal consumption only.

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