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KELATO BiotinMAX Concentrate

KELATO BiotinMAX Concentrate


BiotinMAX CONCENTRATE is an ultra-concentrated biotin supplement to support horses with poor hoof quality.

Biotin is a B vitamin essential for many functions in a horse's body, including metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, cell proliferation, normal thyroid and adrenal gland function, reproductive tract health, and nervous system stability. Biotin contains sulphur, an element required for the formation of the reinforcing bonds between strands of collagen, and therefore plays a role in maintaining the health of the skin and hooves.

BiotinMAX CONCENTRATE supplies biotin at levels shown by scientific studies to improve hoof strength and integrity. Researchers have found normal blood levels of biotin in horses with poor quality hoof horn, so unhealthy hooves are not a result of deficiency. However, despite normal blood levels horses responded to megadoses of biotin given orally. Research has indicated that supplementation with 20mg of biotin per day for at least nine months decreased the incidence of hoof cracks, less crumbling of the hoof horn, and greater tensile strength.

Remember, you can only try to encourage better growth from the coronary band down and BiotinMAX CONCENTRATE will help to improve the growth of the new hoof horn, not the existing hoof.

When do they need it?

* Horses with weak, brittle or cracked hooves

* Recovery from seedy toe or laminitis

* Horses on high grain, low forage diets

* Horses on long-term antibiotic treatment

* Senior horses with poor hindgut function

Features & Benefits:

* Supports horses with poor quality hooves

* Facilitates the growth of hard, healthy hooves

* Aids in improving cracked, brittle or weak hooves

* Assists horses recovering from conditions such as seedy toe and laminitis

* Supplies biotin at a 'therapeutic' level Per 10g dose: 20mg biotin

Feeding Directions:

Top dress your horse's feed with BiotinMAX CONCENTRATE according to the following directions:

Horses (500kg): 10g daily

Ponies (300kg): 5g daily

Treatment of acute hoof damage/recovering from laminitis: Horses - 20g daily; Ponies - 10g daily

**NB - Daily supplementation for at least 6 to 9 months is recommended. If improvement in hoof quality occurs, it is advised to provide such levels of biotin on a continual basis to reduce the risk of hoof deterioration.

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