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Kohnkes Own Reboot Hoof +

Kohnkes Own Reboot Hoof +


Reboot HOOF + is a targeted hoof supplement with nutrients that are linked to improved keratinisation and bonding strength of the hoof wall and sole, growth and quality of the hoof horn material and overall health of the hooves. 

These nutrients may be low, inadequate or poorly absorbed from common equine diets, especially in horses with naturally poor hooves.  The nutrients in Reboot HOOF+ also help to optimise coat condition and the growth and fullness of the mane and tail. 

Reboot HOOF+ is highly potent because it features the unique, patented Supplet® pellet technology, exclusive to Kohnke’s Own.  This system separates nutrients into compatible pelleted groups, protecting important and fragile vitamins, including biotin, vitamin A and C, against damaging interaction with trace-minerals, such as copper, zinc and iron.

Reboot HOOF+ has been extensively researched and field trialled for optimum effectiveness with over 100 horses around Australia.  Owners reported that Reboot HOOF+ significantly improved the growth, quality and health of their horse’s hooves. They also told us that Reboot HOOF+ resolved their horse’s hoof issues, such as splits, cracks, crumbling and brittleness.

Reboot HOOF+ is also helpful for other keratin structures, including mane and tail hair. Over 70% of owners in our research trial reported that their horse’s mane and tail became thicker and fuller with Reboot HOOF+.

Major Ingredients for Reboot Hoof+

Reboot HOOF+ is a unique and powerful formulation of essential nutrients to grow strong and healthy hooves.  It contains:

  • Blend of cold-pressed, colour coded Supplet® pellets separated into 3 compatible nutrient groups which ensures the potency and stability of the vitamins (particularly biotin, vitamins A and C) and trace-minerals in the supplement and in the feed.
  • High level of biotin, combined with synergistic nutrients to enable this important vitamin to work effectively to improve hoof health
  • Special ratio of amino acids and high quality protein including essential sulphur-containing amino acids, such as methionine, as well as lysine and threonine
  • Extra calcium, phosphorus and magnesium as critical nutrients to assist faster and better quality hoof growth
  • Other nutrients, such as iodine, natural silicon and vitamins and trace-minerals, selected for their activity in improving the strength and resilience of hooves
  • Does not swab, legal for racing and equestrian competitions.
  • Does not provide extra energy, sugar or cause ‘fizz’, even in sensitive horses.
  • Pelleted and palatable supplement which mixes easily into all types of feeds (wet or dry). Reduces wastage from dust, sift-out, sludging and blow away from feeders. 

Supplementation Guidelines for Reboot Hoof+

Each scoopful provides 60 grams of Reboot HOOF+, mix into the daily feed (wet or dry). 

Provide the initial supplementation rate for 60 – 90 days, or as required.   120 g of Reboot HOOF+ daily for horses, or 60 g daily for ponies.  

Maintenance supplementation (once satisfactory hoof growth and condition has been achieved) is 60 g of Reboot HOOF+ daily for horses (30 g daily for ponies). 

Reboot HOOF+ does not contain any banned substances or contravene the Rules of Racing or FEI Competition. Reboot HOOF+ does not swab and is completely legal to be used with all performance horses in FEI competitions.

For use in racehorses, we recommend that you follow local guidelines on use of any supplements within 24 hours of racing.

Feeding Reboot HOOF+ will not provide extra energy, sugar or starch to the diets of sugar-sensitive horses or ponies.  Reboot HOOF+ has been tested with laminitic or EMS horses without any problems and is recommended to be fed to horses suffering from hoof problems in the aftermath of laminitis or founder. 

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