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Kohnke's Own Cell-Ultimate

Kohnke's Own Cell-Ultimate


  • Premium supplement with an exclusive 4 in 1 formulation for any horse’s daily
  • Contains vitamins, minerals and trace-minerals as a comprehensive ration balancer,
    plus FABBY for digestion, Reboot HOOF+ for hooves, hair and coat and extra protein
    and essential amino acids for body and muscle condition.

  • A premium supplement with multiple dose rates to suit all horses, from paddock
    ponies to racehorses.

Unique Design:

  • Unique Supplement pellet technology ensures maximum potency and stability of the
    nutrients for optimum benefit to all horses.
  • Easy to feed and economical compared to feeding each supplement separately with the full benefit of the most popular Kohnke’s Own daily supplements.
  • The 7 separate pellet blend provides a full dose of Cell Perform, a full daily dose of
    FABBY, a maintenance dose of Reboot HOOF+ plus extra high quality protein and
    added essential amino acids, all with just 2 scoops a day, a dose rate that is suitable
    for equestrian horses in regular training and competition.

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