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Living World Pedicure Perch

Living World Pedicure Perch


This pedicure perch provides a clever way to wear down your birds nails naturally, without having to resort to manual nail trimming. Made from non-toxic cement, its non-slip textured surface will safely trim your birds nails as they move along the perch.

  • Made from non-toxic cement
  • Easily attaches to most cages
  • Wears down your birds nails gradually as they move along the perch, reducing the need for manual trimming
  • Safe, textured non-skid surface

Size Guide:
Birds feet should wrap approximately 2/3 around perch and not meet or overlap

  • Mini: 12cm long, 2.8cm diameter, suitable for Cockatiel and Lovebird
  • Small: 16cm long, 3.2cm diameter, suitable for Cockatiel and Lovebird
  • Medium: 20.5cm long, 3.8cm diameter, suitable for Conure and Caique
  • Large: 34cm long, 5cm diameter, suitable for Small Cockatoo, Amazon, African Grey
  • Extra-Large: 35cm long, 6.5cm diameter, suitable for Large Cockatoo, Macaw

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