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Sprinter Gold Results Plus

Sprinter Gold Results Plus

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Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for all greyhounds, in training and racing
  • Meets all dietary shortfalls
  • Suitable for all feed diets, either complete dry food or meat and dry food
  • Unique formulation supports health and performance of all greyhounds.

Unique Design:

  • Comprehensive, low dose supplement
  • Bone Minerals, trace-minerals in organic form, protected vitamins to help meet daily needs
  • Full antioxidant package based on organic selenium, natural RRR Vitamin E and Vitamin C with organic magnesium
  • Full range of electrolytes
  • Easy to feed and highly palatable



RESULTS Plus™ provides trace-minerals, many in organic or chelated form, to make up the shortfalls in the normal content of a meat and dry food based diet relative to the scientific needs of a sprinting greyhound.

All the trace-minerals which could be incompatible with Vitamins in the formulation, such as copper and iron, are included in a fully organic form to help avoid damage to vitamins.  Vitamins which are easily destroyed by harmful nutrient interactions are included in a coated form to protect them.  The full range of active antioxidants, including the natural source RRR form of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and organic selenium in optimum concentrations, are present to help miminise damaging oxidative processes in rapidly contracting muscle cells when sprinting.

RESULTS Plus™ is just not a copy of other products.  It is a new innovative supplement to help ensure that your greyhound achieves the race results which you want.  Palatability is ensured by a tasty yeast base.  Extensive field trials prove that it helps optimise health and performance at an affordable price.

Directions and Dosage

Each Scoopful (small end) fo Sprinter Gold Results Plus provides a 4g dose.

Sprinkle the Daily dosage over the main meal.  In lactating bitches being fed 2 meals per day, add half the daily amount to each meal.  Sprinter Gold is a concentrated supplement.  If you are feeding an amount of 10g daily commence on a half dose daily increasing it over 3-4 days until the full dose is accepted.  Always ensure ther is an adequate supply of clean fresh water daily.

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