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Tropimix Large Parrot Mix 1.8kg

Tropimix Large Parrot Mix 1.8kg

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Tropimix Large Parrot food is a premium blend of full of exotic grains, fruits, nuts, and Tropican granules. This special blend is fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids for optimum health and nutrition


  • Is 100% Edible and does not contain any messy hulls or shells; eliminating waste and the risk of pathogens
  • Contains flavourful Tropican extruded granules that are rich in nutrients and contain premium sources of protein
  • Provides a stimulating eating experience and foraging opportunities
  • Contains multi size and shapes of morsels satisfy a wide range of species
  • Can be served dry or moistened
  • Tropimix enrichment diets are excellent to use in foraging activities. Hiding the food in various locations and presenting the food in exciting ways trigger natural foraging behaviours, thus stimulating your pet bird both physically and mentally.
  • A great diet to transition your bird over from a seed based diet
  • Larger Parrot Species such as: AMAZONS •  MACAWS • COCKATOOS • GREYS • ECLECTUS

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